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Selden Research Ltd
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Tel : 01298 26226
Registered in England No. 984285
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about selden : filling
The manufacture of 3 million litres of product per month requires a substantial array of filling equipment. Selden have reinvested in automated machinery, a planned cycle -"out with the old in with the new" philosophy assures an integrity and consistency of fill everyone has a right to expect. The latest production line features a volumetric measure on each of the 16 filling heads guaranteeing every bottle is filled with precision.

Volumetric levels are to e mark standards
Caps and labels are applied by machine automatically
Trigger spray heads are inserted and screwed down by machine to a preset torque
Boxes are made on demand by machine
Pallets are wrapped automatically

There are a number of different machines available to our factory management, each different and ideally suited to the task.
  5 litre fillers x 3
Trigger sprays x1 (high speed 140units per minute)
Cream Cleaner x 1
General small pack lines x 5
  Aerosols x 2
Whilst most of our production is concentrated in packs of 5ltr and smaller, we do no the less produce a significant volume of “bulk” product.
Minimum size 250 ml
Maximum size 5ltr
Additional bulk options: 10 Ltr, 20Ltr, 200Ltr, 1000Ltr IBC, Bulk Road Tankers,