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heavy duty graffiti remover .
description Powerful fast acting formula. Gel form helps prevent run-off from vertical surfaces. Water soluble - simply wash off with water. Ozone friendly. Does not contain chlorofluorocarbons. Low odour, no choking fumes.
application Rapidly dissolves or breaks up all forms of graffiti. The strong solvent action works on felt tip, ball point, crayon, spray paint (cellulose, acrylic or polyurethane). Floor paints and varnishes are also dissolved by the powerful action of D-Solve.
directions Spray D-Solve onto the surface affected. Leave for between 30 seconds and 10 minutes then wipe off, wash off or scrape off depending on which is more appropriate. Solvent sensitive surfaces will be softened or dissolved by this product i.e. paints, some plastics, some fabrics. Always test a small inconspicuous area for resistance to this product before commencing work. Typical contact times: Ball Point 30-60 seconds Felt tip pens 30-60 seconds Crayon 1-3 minutes Aerosol paint 1-5 minutes Varnish 10-20 minutes
  Composition   Water dispersable organic solvents, natural citrus oils, thickeners and stabilisers.
  Appearance   Turbid liquid
  Colour   straw coloured
  Density   0.87
  Fragrance   Citrus
  Stability   Two years minimum
Storage Pressurised container. Store out of direct sunlight. Temperature must not exceed 50oC
Aerosol Information
  Propellant   Hydrocarbon
  Pressure   49 psi
  Spray Rate   3.2
Product is for professional use only.



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Brand : SELDEN
Code : K070
Name : D-SOLVE
Filename : SELDEN_K070_K070.pdf

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Brand : SELDEN
Code : K070
Name : D-SOLVE

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