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jeyes professional >> Floorcare

description Low foaming, fast acting emulsion polish stripper •Contains powerful chemical stripping agents •Heavy duty cleaner degreaser
application •Suitable for use on vinyl, thermoplastics, asphalt, composition, terrazzo, marble, finished concrete, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and all sealed wood and cork floors •Can also be used on linoleum and rubber but treat with care
directions Removal of emulsion floor dressings, grease & dirt: •(Using a floor machine or automatic scrubber dryer) Dilute 1:25 (200ml in 5 litres of cold water) •A stronger solution may be used if required General cleaning:•(on all types of floors, sealed wood, marble and terrazzo) Dilute 1:50 (100ml in 5 litres of cold water ) Cleaning surfaces by hand :•Dilute 1:25 (25ml in a 600ml trigger spray bottle filled with cold water ) Stripping light coatings of floor polish by hand :•Dilute 1:12 (400ml in 5 litres of cold water) •allow to soften the dressing for approximately 10 minutes before agitating with a mop or nylon pad •Remove slurry by mopping or wet-suction vacuum •When operating a single brush floor scrubbing machine or an automatic scrubber dryer. Allow a short time for the solution to soak and soften the floor dressing before scrubbing with a black stripping pad. Vacuum up the slurry .•When using an automatic scrubbing machine, double scrub leaving the vacuum off on the first pass, then vacuum up the slurry on the second pass. •Finally, it is recommended you rinse the floor to ensure that all the slurry residue has been removed before applying Kontrol Emulsion Floor Polish (YF03)
  Appearance   Clear Liquid
  Colour   Colourless
  Cloud Point   >37°C
  Density   1.045
  Fragrance   Slight Solvent
Product is for professional use only.



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Code : YF15