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Shoe and Helmet
re-odourising spray .
description A high quality solvent based aerosol combining disinfecting and air freshening properties. Bactericide destroys odour producing bacteria, effectively eliminating malodours at source. Pleasant perfume freshens all footwear. Rapid evaporation for quick drying.
application A general all round disinfecting spray for all kinds of footwear and head gear.
directions Shake can well before use. Use in a well ventilated area. Hold can upright, 15 to 20cm from object to be sprayed. Two quick spray actions will disinfect/reodorise.
  Composition   Perfume, aliphatic solvent and a bactericide.
  Appearance   Clear spray
  Colour   Colourless
  Fragrance   Magnolia
  Stability   Two years minimum
Statutory Conditions All biocides/disinfectant/preservatives contained within Selden products fully comply with the EU Biocidal product Directive 98/8/EC, ensuring a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment.
Storage Pressurised container. Store out of direct sunlight. Temperature must not exceed 50oC
Aerosol Information
  Propellant   Hydrocarbon
  Pressure   56 psi
  Spray Rate   0.8
Product is for professional use only.



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Brand : SELDEN
Code : K259
Name : Shoe and Helmet
Filename : SELDEN_K259_K259.pdf

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Brand : SELDEN
Code : K259
Name : Shoe and Helmet